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        The Gallery Tanakaya sells in its gallery or during the fairs we paricipate. The gallery do not sell through its website : work of art has to be seen before to be sold !


The Gallery Taakaya offers works of art and antiques for sale, particularly from Japan.

These works are generally exhibited at the gallery, rue Saint-Sulpice, or during the Salons in which we participate. Some, however, particularly because of their size, are only visible by appointment.

The gallery does not sell these works of art through its website. It reserves the right, without having to justify the reasons, to refuse to sell by mail or remotely works which have not previously been seen by the applicants at the gallery or during a Salon.

For information purposes only, the price categories may appear on the pages of this website. However, the price of each item is that communicated by e-mail to the people making the request. The price is in euros; prices in dollars are indicative since they can vary depending on the exchange rate. Payment takes place in euros. However, payment in another currency may be accepted by the Gallery; in this case flat rate fees for exchange are charged.

The price is payable in one installment, unless previously agreed by the Gallery for already known customers.

The exact condition of the objects is communicated to potential buyers who request it. In any case, the Gallery only sells original objects and prints.

An order becomes final upon receipt of all or part of the amount due. Items sold are neither returned nor exchanged.

 However, for France and other countries of the European Community, the provisions of French law specific to mail order sales to individuals are applicable, in the event that, exceptionally, a distance sale has been accepted by the gallery.

Payment can be made:
- by check payable to the company TMBI Sarl, on site or sent by registered mail, 4 rue Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris, France. In this case, a delay for the delivery of the object can be requested as long as the bank of the company TMBI Sarl has not definitively cashed the check
- by transfer to the account of the company TMBI Sarl at the Caisse d'Epargne Ile de France
- by payment card, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard.

In all cases, the payment is personal, the identity of the buyer must correspond to that of the payer.

An invoice and/or certificate is provided upon request ; shipments outside France are always accompanied by an invoice.

Works worth more than those fixed (by category) by customs regulations are accompanied by a certificate of free movement within the European Community. In the event of export outside the European Community, such works must also have an Export License which will be requested from the competent authorities by the gallery, after payment. This procedure necessarily takes a few weeks.

In accordance with the article 297 F of the General Tax Code (so-called "margin system") no mention of VAT may appear on invoices relating to works of art and antiques sold by the Gallery; the prices indicated are therefore inclusive of VAT for France and other countries of the European Community (with the exception of sales to professionals of the Community subject to VAT in their country), and excluding tax for countries outside the European Community.

Orders are subject to French law. It is up to the foreign buyer, as necessary, to check with the competent authorities of his country the conditions of importation of the objects, including any possible taxation. Tanakaya cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance by the buyer with the rules specific to the foreign country to which the object is exported; this lack of knowledge cannot lead to the resumption by Tanakaya of the object whose importation has not been authorized in the foreign country.

In the event of a dispute, only the French courts have jurisdiction, and in particular the Paris Commercial Court with regard to sales to professionals, both French and foreign.

Placing an order with Tanakaya implies unreserved acceptance of all of these conditions, as expressed in French. The English translation on this page is only indicative.

In application of the law, article L 561-2, 14e, of the Monetary and Financial Code, and customs regulations, the obligations relating to the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and for all sales of which the amount is greater than ten thousand euros, the gallery requests from buyers all information and documents it deems necessary, in particular as to the identity of the buyers, the origin of the funds, the effective beneficiaries in the event of purchase by a company. Depending on the circumstances, the gallery may be subject to a reinforced obligation of vigilance, leading buyers to respond to any additional questions on these subjects. A refusal on the part of buyers to satisfy these requests results in the non-completion of purchases, without it being possible to call into question the responsibility of the gallery.

Tanakaya is an establishment of the company TMBI Sarl

Limited liability company with capital of 59,455.50 Euros.
Head office: 4 rue Saint-Sulpice, 75006 PARIS
Siret 348 012 352 00020 - RCS Paris B 348012352 - APE 4779 Z
Intracommunity VAT FR 72348012352.
EORI: FR34801235200020
Registration with the Belgian Tax Services: BE 0824697958 RP
Registration with the Netherlands Tax Services: NL 0039664042

This website, property of TMBI Sarl, is hosted by the company Nuxit, rue du Gal Mangin, Grenoble
The photos and information contained in these pages are subject to copyright legislation.
It is prohibited to reproduce and use them without written authorization from the gallery.


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